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How long has the company been in the web filtering arena?

For nearly 20 years, before anyone predicted what the internet would develop into, our team was here developing internet filtering solutions.

Over the course of time, how many devices have been filtered with Livigent?

The Livigent filter has been installed on close to 150,000 mobile devices worldwide – in around 20 countries – including USA, Canada, Israel, England, France, and Brazil, through various re-sellers such as: Jnet, Meshimer, Geder, Netzach, VCF and others.

The Livigent filter is currently in use globally at nearly 2,000 businesses – either directly on their computers, or with the Livigent Filtering Appliance – protecting their full network – totaling over 100,000 users.

What is Livigent?

Livigent is the name of the filtering software used by GenTech – created by RnD Software group.

Who will monitor my internet activity?

Nobody. We don’t offer or perform any monitoring services whatsoever. This data is kept under strict regulation, used exclusively for troubleshooting purposes  – when sites and apps need to be fixed for end users. This data is destroyed when it’s no longer needed.

Will the filter slow down my internet speed ?

Our filtering is done using the most advanced technology of proxy connections to our servers which have the most modern hardware installed to give you our real-time filtering with out even noticing it.

Can I remove the filter by myself ?

We have implemented the great ingenuity on our filtering solution, so you can enjoy the security GenTech is providing.  On all platforms ( Windows , Android , iOS ) the filter cannot be uninstalled by the user . The filter can only be uninstalled with the assistance of a technician.

What platforms are compatible with the filter ?

The GenTech Filter is compatible with almost any device used in our Generation Technology, it can be installed on Android , iOS and Windows devices .

Can I install the filter on multiple devices with 1 account ?

Sure, you may setup your account and add as many devices you wish, every device will receive its own username to apply the settings to each device individually.

Can I change the settings of the filter by myself ?

In order to serve the purpose of a filter our system is setup to have every account associated to a community or organization or if you wish it may be associated with us directly, and the accounts association will do any account changes need based on their rules and guidelines.

How long does it take to install the filter?

Usually it can be installed in less the 5 minutes, in some rare occasions we can have an issue which needs to be worked with (EX: Software Update) then it may take up to 30 minutes.

Can the filtering be bypassed by connecting to different networks ?

No, once the filter in installed on the device any content through Wi-fi as well as cellular connection will be filtered .

Can I install the filter on tablets ?

Yes, the filter can be installed on iPads, android tablets (with Android 4.4 and up ) , and some Windows tablets .

Can I install the filter on a phone with Windows Mobile ?

Currently we don’t support Windows Mobile, as the demand will grow we will expand in the areas needed.

What will the GenTech filter block?

The GenTech filtering engine is very flexible and allows the customers to choose what they want to allow and block. The filter will analyze every page in real-time to determine if the site meets the customer’s chosen filtering specifications.

My current filter blocks YouTube, even the embedded video clips on my favorite frum news and entertainment sites. How does the GenTech Filter handle this issue?

GenTech has the capacity to block while allowing those videos on your frequently used websites. Access to the website will be fully blocked, even through suggestions and other backdoor means. Be sure to mention this during setup so your account can be adjusted accordingly.

Sites with frequently updating content such as News sites, how can I be sure that it will always contain appropriate material?

This filter works in the real-time as you’re surfing the internet. If the page contains offensive material — or whatever other specification the customer chose to block, GenTech will block the page. When the content changes, GenTech will allow it.

If I choose to open online Shopping, Will this open the door for offensive material?

Actually, even with the shopping category open, the filter will still analyze the content for anything inappropriate. This applies to all the other categories as well. Everything will always be filtered for inappropriate material, unless the site was requested to be bypassed manually to be unfiltered.

I find that some OK apps and sites contain offensive advertisements. Can this be resolved?

GenTech actually has built in ad blocking capabilities that can be activated upon request. In addition, our technicians can determine the source of those ads and disable them individually.

Aside from a few apps, I want to block the whole internet on my device. How can this be done?

GenTech can allow those few apps to work while blocking everything else. For android devices, all the other apps will either not open at all or will be removed (depending on the filter version you choose). For iOS devices, the other apps can be removed as well, make sure to tell the technician during setup what exactly should be removed.

I want to have the convenience of google search, but I don't want the other search tabs. Can these be blocked?

GenTech blocks the image tab by default. The other tabs can be blocked upon request.

Can GenTech remove offensive images without affecting proper ones?

Sure. The GenTech filtering engine was precisely engineered to recognize offensive images and alter them as needed. Non-offensive images will stay intact.

Will GenTech Image Protection affect personal images inside my emails?

Your email accounts can be excluded from GenTech Image Protection. Our technicians can add this adjustment for you upon request.

I get sales promotions by email that contain offensive images at times, How can GenTech resolve this?

By default, GenTech Image Protection applies to your emails as well as any other site. Just remember, personal images in your email may be affected as well.

I want image Protection, but i need to upload images to my website. What can be done?

Our technicians can exclude your website so those images will display regularly.

I use my computer for storing images from my other devices. I don't want these colored?

Absolutely. GenTech Image Protection will only control images from the internet. Images that you upload from your devices will not be affected. The same applies to images you take with your smartphone. These will stay intact.

How flexible is GenTech Image Protection. I'm interested in Image Protection, but I'd want shopping images open so I can shop properly?

Shopping images or any other individual category can be excluded. GenTech Image Protection can be applied across the entire internet or specifically for individual categories you choose. You can have image protection where it’s needed, and have open images where you’d like.

I was told that Google Images cannot be blocked. Is this an issue with GenTech as well?

The Google Images search tab can indeed be blocked by the filter. It will display the usual genTech block page.

Must I have to have a PIN Code screen lock on my device when using Livigent?

Not at all. You can use your default screen lock or even disable it (although we highly recommend you not to)

What is a VPN ?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a method used commonly to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi Hotspots and the Internet. VPNs are most often used by corporations to protect sensitive data.

Why does the filter create a VPN ?

The VPN package is used to ensure that all of your mobile traffic (from web browsing, direct app usage, and background data usage) passes through the filter, giving you complete protection against harmful content.

What’s the difference between “Apps Only Mode” and “General Mode” ?

Apps Only mode blocks all browsing, useful for customers who want the benefit of apps without regular internet access. General mode allows both browsing and using of apps.

Do I need a computer to install the filter ?

For Samsung devices the filter can be installed remotely by our technicians over the phone.

For other Android devices you will need a computer and a USB cable to plug your device.

In the “Data Usage ” setting, I see that the filter uses a lot of data .Why is this happening ?

Since all the internet traffic passes through our filter, all data usage will be listed under the filter (all the traffic for browsing and apps will be summed up and shown as belonging to the filter). In reality, this is the data used by all of your apps on the entire phone.

Will I be able to connect the phone to iTunes on my computer after the filter is installed ?

Yes, but make sure you specifically request this before installation.

Can I install the filter on a Kindle or a Chrome Book ?

These devices are not currently supported by the GenTech filter.

Can I install the filter on a Mac ?

We are happy to announce that YES! MacOS is already supported as well

What browsers will I be able to use?

Any basic browser like Safari, Chrome, Firefox is compatible, we block browsers which use VPN or Proxy and bypass the filter.

How much free memory does my device need for proper installation?

The filter doesn’t need any memory in order to be installed. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend having at least 1 GB of free memory on your device.

Do I need to set up a lock screen in order to have the filter installed?

On iOS the lock screen is not needed.

I am not very computer savvy, will I manage to install the filter on my own ?

Actually, the filter can be installed only with the assistance of a technician . The technician will need to connect remotely to your device and install the filter. Our technicians have everything that is needed to get your filter set up.

What are the minimum requirements in order to have the filter installed on the computer

Operating System : Windows XP or Later
Processor : 1 GHz or faster
Memory : 2 GB RAM or more

I have multiple users on my computer . Does the settings apply on all users ? If yes, can I have different settings for each user?

The filter is installed on the whole device – applying equally across all users. At this time, all users will have the same filtering settings.

What browsers are compatible with the filter?

Any standard browser will be compatible. Special browsers designed to bypass filtering are blocked by default.

If I reinstall my computer's operating system, do I need to get the filter reinstalled?

Reinstalling the operating system restores the computer to factory settings. The filter will need to be reinstalled.

Is the filter compatible with Windows 10 ?

It is.

If I create an internet hotspot using my computer, will that connection be filtered ?

The filter protects your computer only, not the hotspot that is created through the computer.

I have programs that use the internet. Will these work with the filter?

Sure. Most will work immediately, but some may need adjustment. Our support technicians are on standby in case of need.

I need internet access as I am taking an online course. Can this category be opened while closing everything else?

Sure. Any single category can be opened on it’s own while closing all others. In this scenario though, some sites that get blocked as a result of fitting into categories that you’ve chosen to block. In that case, those sites can be whitelisted on a case by case basis.

I'm not sure what sites I need at this moment. What's the best setup until I get a clearer picture?

In the case of online research, the sites you need may be anything from social networking to news. The best way would be to ask the technician to manually block the main sites within those categories, while leaving the main news and social networking categories open. Once you get a clearer picture of what’s needed, you can limit your access to a more appropriate level.

My college hosts their instructional video content on What can be done about this?

For videos on your college website, GenTech can allow those YouTube videos, while blocking the actual website. If you need to get to the actual YouTube website for your videos, GenTech offers a filtered YouTube option.

I use my computer heavily for business. Will this interefere with my business in any way?

If your account is not set properly, it likely will. That’s why knowing what you need for your business is a good idea, so our technicians can set it correctly from the start. It’s important as well to pay attention to the reason for a site getting blocked (you’ll find this at the bottom of the block page), so the proper adjustments can be made to your account.

I'm an Amazon Seller and I need the Amazon website open. Can the Movies and other parts still be blocked?

Sure. The Movies part of Amazon is a section on it’s own.  It can be restricted without affecting what you need for your business.

I have a fashion business and I need sites within this category. How will the filter react to these websites?

This can get tricky as some of the content there may be categorized as offensive content. In this case, the needed sites may have to be bypassed on a case by case basis. It’s best here if you know exactly what you need so this can be set up correctly from the start.

Will my confidential business information be secure with GenTech?

Your personal and business privacy are a primary consideration at GenTech. Contrary to popular belief, nobody can see your device’s screen unless you admit them express permission. The filter does NOT provide this by default.

The only information that our technicians can access aside from your filtering settings are your device’s traffic logs – which are used for troubleshooting purposes only. And even these are kept in a protected environment and are destroyed every 2 weeks.

I need internet access on my computer for only one application on this device, I want the rest blocked. Can GenTech work for this?

Absolutely. There is actually a GenTech product for this exact purpose that is offered free-of-charge. Feel free to reach out to our office for this.

Some savvy people will be using my device. Is this going to be secure enough?

GenTech was designed to be securely locked onto the device. In addition, our systems are updated on a regular basis with the lastest security enhancements.

Are backdoor browsers blocked as well?

GenTech takes control of the device’s entire internet connection. Any backdoor browser will either be disabled or completely filtered just as the regular internet browser.

My phone came with a host of unwanted apps and widgets. What can be done about this?

Depending on the filter version you choose, those apps and widgets can be totally blocked and even uninstalled from the phone. As a side note, these settings are completely reversible when the filter needs to be removed from the device.

If I choose to keep my google playstore store open. Does this pose a risk?

Closing the playstore is of course recommended as more secure. However, even with an open playstore, harmful apps can be blocked by GenTech. Any harmful Android apps that do get installed on the device will either be blocked or removed depending on the filter version.

What does GenTech do when holes are discovered in the filter?

There’s a network of testers across our entire office base. Any reports that come in are dealt with efficiently by GenTech’s development team and repaired updates are issued shortly after.