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Effectively creating multi-layered filtering solution

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What makes a good filtering solution

Do you know the factors which affect any filtering solution’s ability to reach its highest potential and achieve the desired results?

Accuracy of detection

Indicated by false positives (content items mistaken for the ones to be filteed) or false negatives.

Range of detection

What type of contents are recognized and filtered; the broader the content type range, the better.

Filtered users

Some solutions may be filtering only IP addresses or networks, or specific types of users.

Logging & reporting

A good filtering solution should be able to log all activity for the administrative staff needs.


A good filtering solution should adapt to whatever products are in use.

Flexibility & usability

The potential of a complex system will not be fully achieved if its interface is cumbersome or difficult to use.

Our Products

These features combined are effectively creating a multi-layered filtering solution able to face the current challenges of Internet growth.

GenTech Suite

Single computer licence

Livigent is able to provide complementary filtering techniques. These features combined are effectively creating a multi-layered filtering solution able to face the current challenges of Internet growth.

Will filter your device no matter which network you
connect to

Can be used via proxy or not

We can bypass any exe to go direct

Ability to password protect the access to the internet

GenTech Enterprise

Server for the entire network

The innovative Livigent A.I. engine scans the web content in real-time, performing an instant data filtering you can rest assure that you have in place a filter with the same high level of accuracy as always.

Easy setup

Compatible with most networks, routers and firewalls

Synchronize with your AD server

Monitor all traffic yourself

Set up users based on IP or using stand alone logins

Whichever variant you choose you benefit of

Live Text analysis by our most advanced AI engines

Live Images analysis by our most advanced AI engines

YouTube Filtering and categorization

Image filtering

URL whitelisting & blacklisting

MIME type filtering

P2P file sharing blocking

And much more see here …

…and guess what…
you may also merge both options together
have your laptop filtered where ever you go
and have it synced on your appliance while connected to your office network

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The Media

Do you still have doubt if you need a filter? Read what the people say, brought to you live from the press


The Problem

Workers between the ages of 26-35 topped the list with 75 percent wasting time at work on a daily basis, compared to the 72 percent of 18- to 25-year-olds.

Employees spend between one and three hours a day surfing the web on personal business at work,…..


The Cost

Workplace distractions cost U.S. businesses an estimated $650 billion per year…The majority (53%) of employees say these distractions directly affect …

From our research, the cost to business is in the millions (if not billions) in lost productivity every year…


The Solution

It’s also wise to implement some technological measures such as content or URL filtering. … limit access to offending websites …

Management should develop an Internet usage policy (if one does not already exist) that is clear on what is permitted and when…

Our Clients

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Partner with GenTech

Are you an IT company tired of wasting time with different filters?
Are you looking to provide your clients with a customized solution? Are you looking for an easy cloud based manageable filter?

Self Branding, with your companies logo and info

Manage your own VM’s

Cloud based management portal just for you

No third party interfering with your clients

Easy remote whitelisting/blacklisting

You have full control on the network

We do the work, and you make the profit

And much more …